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demolition & excavation.

demolition & excavation.

We have all the tools and equipment needed for your next project. In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we are thoughtful and neighborly. So, don't worry and let us handle your concerns. We help acquire the Cook County Demolition permits as well as handle any Asbestos abatement needed through our network of certified abatement contractors.

Demolition and Excavation, Local North Shore Chicago Developer and Builder

need a demo or dig? 

Give us a call or send an inquiry. We can help you. 



Since 1983, the leadership of Varda & Company has collaborated with various municipalities on zoning, environmental regulations, permits and other regulatory needs for project development. Projects have been multifaceted and include residential, commercial and recreational developments, with great consideration given to both interior and exterior design, as well as functionality. Decades of cumulative experience has been instrumental in Varda & Company’s generational success in diverse projects. 



We pour all our heart and soul into these projects. Becoming fully immersed in all aspects from vision and reality, it brings us joy and satisfaction to see these projects come to life. Although each is unique, we learn something special from each.

Morton Grove New Construction within North Shore Chicago from a generational developer.

A series of modern luxury farmhouses situated locally on a private enclave. Each designed to bring a new quality of life to the home buyer. 


A complete rehab project in 2022, from the basement to the roof, all new mechanicals, electrical, plumbing, the home is completely refreshed. 

The Elmwood Collection Finished, eastside head shot.jpg

In 2019, we repurposed an old warehouse in 7 luxury town homes, large social deck and 10,000 SF of indoor ground floor parking.

Glenview Newly Built Construction remodel and custom home addition along North Shore Chicagoland from a local general contractor
2824 Central Rd. back.JPG

Single family home built in 2017 along a local Golf Course. 

New Condominum for sale and rental in Skokie along North Shore Chicagoland by a local developer and builder

Future plans to construct a multi-unit super luxury condominium complex with roof top amenities, ground floor retail and indoor parking.

8201 Skokie Blvd Lobby.jpg
Condo for rent or sale, multiple bedrooms within Chicago and North Shore from a reputable builder and local developer
Brand New Construction Condo with Amenity Floor and beautiful kitchen in Chicago

Modern aesthetics, maintenance free living and downtown walkability make this project quite sustainable.

North Shore Local Institutional Facility

Built in 2007, this commercial space was issued a special use permit to operate within an industrial zoned district.

Mount Prospect home remodel and custom home addition in Chicagoland along North Shore from a second generation builder, developer and investor.

Original home built in 1978 received a 1000 SF addition in 2005.

North Shore Chicago Childcare Building New Construction in Skokie

This commercial space built in 2003, deep in the heart of downtown, faced many logistical challenges. Yet, it currently operates as a 6000 SF education facility.

Unique Commercial Mixed Use Newly Remodeled Multi-Use Building from Local Developer and Builder in Skokie

Built in 2010, a mixed-use commercial building with a 2200 SF three bed apartment was constructed. 



We love it when you reach out and we are always looking for great help from awesome people. Feel free to connect with us regarding employment and/or future development opportunity. 

Demolition and Excavation, Local North Shore Chicago Developer and Builder

Thank you!


We usually like to say no news is good news. However, sometimes we love sharing...


'Wicker Park'-like townhomes sell in Skokie


Chicago Tribune

By Pioneer Press

Chicago Tribune on Dec 03, 2018

Chicago Tribune

Skokie developer to build $1.2 million homes in Morton Grove

By Phil Rockrohr

Chicago Tribune on February 19, 2024

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